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Fit to perform.

The Boa System lets you dial in a custom, precise fit for stability on the trail or in the river. Get the durability, security, and performance you need even in the most rugged, rockiest, coldest environments. 

Hunt and Fish


Whether your boots are dry, wet, icy or muddy, The Boa System allows for easy on and off so you can be on the trail by day break, and quickly hit the road when it’s time to go home. 

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Stay in your element longer. The Boa System delivers even closure for enduring comfort, and let’s you easily adjust on the go throughout a long day, even with gloves on. 

Always TIED UP.

Lightweight, waterproof, and ultra-durable, The Boa System gives you a stable performance fit that never comes untied so you can keep your focus where it matters.

Hunt Fish

The Boa advantage.

Every Boa dial in hunt and fish footwear is designed to give you the ideal fit to best leverage all of the amazing technology in your gear. That way, you can get even more out of what you put in.


Featuring quick lace take up and enough power to close and adjust boots in a variety of environments, M3 offers a larger dial and 1:1 gear ratio, increasing dexterity and grip for gloved hands.

M3 From Boa


Ideal for applications with limited space that require high lace tension, M2 is engineered with a 2:1 gear ratio making it easier to get the fit that you want.

M2 From Boa

Featured products.

We work with precision and care to perfect each unique application of our product. Explore the latest and most innovative hunting and fishing boots below.

one size does not fit all.


If you think Boa is just some quick fix catalog solution, think again. We work side-by-side with our brand partners to develop unique fit solutions and achieve the ideal design through customized dial, lace, and guide configurations.


We worked with Korkers to make the Hatchback comfortable and stable for hours of fishing in the river. With The Boa System uniquely located down the back of the boot, the single dial configuration is accessible for adjustments, but out of the way from unexpected elements. The strength of the M2 dial provides all-day security, the open frame guides allow for slurry to easily exit the system, and the SS1 lace is water resistant.

Korkers Hatchback
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Check back soon for more innovations and unique configurations we're working on with our partners.